Welcome to P&N Flight and Charter and the Marion Aiport!
Our airport is one of the few privately owned-public use airports in the country, and the only one in Iowa with a hard surface runway. It is operated by Jan Walton and our team of experienced pilots, mechanics, and other staff to meet all of your flying needs. Contact us for personal service on your schedule.




Airport News

Brian Mishmash - CFII

Jeremy Cottingham - CFII

Brian Mishmash - Flight Instructor 6/21/14

Veronon Squires - Instrument

Cole Norton - Flight Instructor 6/18/14

Cole Norton - Commerical 6/18/14

Marko Pfaff - Instrument 4/7/14

Cole Norton - Instrument 4/2/14

Vighnesh Gadde - Private 11/29/13

Justin Miller - Multiengine

Clay Melton - Private 9/29/13

Brian Mishmash - Commerical 8/13/13

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